AXN|RXN Engineering: Complete Product Design Engineering Services



AXN|RXN Engineering is part of the Kingsland Design and Engineering Lab located in East Williamsburg. Manual mill, lathe, 3-axis CNC mill, and MIG / TIG welding capabilities allows AXN|RXN to prove out components throughout the entire design process. Industrial Design and Prototyping expertise can bring your concept through to production at a price lower than traditional product development firms.




AXN-RXN now has in-house 3D printing. We recently acquired a Dimension 1200SST FDM prototyping machine. This machine builds parts in sturdy ABS plastic in a number of colors with a maximum build size of 10" x 10" x 12". This system uses Soluble Support Technology meaning that hollow voids in the part can be dissolved out after the build.


AXN-RXN designs & fabricates mechanical clock for Marci Macguffie

AXN-RXN was given the task to design and fabricate Marci MacGuffie's Coincidence Clock. This clock keeps track of "coicidences" rather than your standard second/minute/hour. All parts were design first in SolidWorks then machined in-house from aluminum and brass. Motion is controlled via an Arduino brain and stepper and RC Servo motors.

Photo Courtesy of Marci MacGuffie



BrickHaus Billet Aluminum Desk Set for sale on Etsy


AXN-RXN develops billet aluminum desk set: Tape Dispenser, Letter Opener, Pen/Pencil Holder, Card Holder and an Odds & Ends Bin. All parts are currently in the production stage and are now on sale on Etsy. See the Product Details


All items ship and store in a single brick. The machined aluminum construction and black anodized finish give each item a significant heft and elegant look.