Welcome to the Bin-Dex Library! This is an Open-Source "Work in Progress" that we have built in order to gauge interest in the Bin-Dex organizing community. At the moment, we're cobbling-together an interface that allows users to Login and download / upload files via DropBox. We admit that this is a bit clumsy and we plan to change it when we find a suitable replacement. Let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions!

We've started the Bin-Dex library in Microsoft Excel. These files are can be opened in LibraOffice which is a free Office Suite available for Ubuntu, Windows, or Mac. Instructions for Use are given in the first sheet of the libraries. Please try to adhere to the formatting and printing scheme to help keep everything in order. If you are modifying the Master Library or Layouts, you can find many Creative Commons Icons at The Noun Project. Just remember to cite the creator or leave the automatic citation on their artwork. If you care creating your own Icons, we recommend Inkscape which is a good Open-Source vector art program.

The Bin-Dex Master Library

This is the hyperlink to the Top-Level Bin-Dex Library. It holds Instructions for Use, Part Icons, and Individual Libraries that will help you get started creating Layouts for Fasteners, Lego, Electronics, and anything else that fits! All pages are under construction, but this is meant to be an constantly-updated file which will get larger and more user-friendly as time moves on.

Bin-Dex Customizable Layouts & Templates

The Bin-Dex Labels are formatted to fit the different Storage Cabinet offings by Akro-Mils. Below you will see hyperlinks to Blank Templates as well as some curated Layouts. The Blank Templates are for those who want to start from scratch: the files are blank other than some colors and indicators to help guide designing your custom layout. The Curated Layouts are organizing schemes that had been developed by Bin-Dex users and shared with the Bin-Dex Community. You can share changes to the Master LIbrary or your own Layouts by using the User Submission link a the bottom of this page.



  • 16-Bin Electronics Layouts
  • 24-Bin Electronics Layouts
    • More to come...
  • 44-Bin Electronics Layouts
    • More to come...
  • 64-Bin Electronics Layouts




  • 16-Bin Dremel Layouts
    • More to come...
  • 24-Bin Dremel Layouts
    • More to come...
  • 44-Bin Dremel Layouts
    • More to come...
  • 64-Bin Dremel Layouts
    • More to come...


User Submission Link

This is a link in upload your Excel files to Bin-Dex. We will review the files for content and post links to the files in the Bin-Dex Library.